“Thank you for the amazing reading…very profound for me. So blessed to have met you. Forever in gratitude x”

“The healing was so wonderful, thank you. I felt like my DNA pattern was lifted, worked on & placed back. So beautiful & lovingly done. I feel different, more calm & at peace.”

“The healing was amazing. I felt very calm & happy & physically I feel great & more lively, better equipped to handle it all.”

“The restoration healing treatment has left me feeling more grounded and a lot less anxious! And as you said, it seems to keep on clearing up bit by bit. 🙂 thank you!”

“Heartfelt thanks for my reading, there’s some heartache but a heck of lot of clarity, peace of mind & being in awe.”

“It is amazing all happening to a T…everything in that recording is as fresh now as then, wow, thanks”

“You’re amazing. So nice to talk to you. Everything you said was spot on,what a beautiful soul you are.”

“Well you told me I was moving and that manifested extremely quickly! Then everything just flowed…just like you said”

“They all came true and unfolded as we saw so they have really helped me evolve and turn into a new butterfly!!”

“Really nice meditation feel very relaxed definitely recommend it.”

“Thank you so much Rael. That clearing mediation was AMAZING!! My intuition encouraged me to do it 2 nights in a row and I have to say I have released so much. I realised today that there was something in particular that I was struggling a bit to shift and I haven’t thought about it or been concerned with it since I did the meditation. It no longer affects me. You are such a special person”

“I had an amazing day of pamper and spirituality. Thank you so much to our lovely Rael to facilitate such a wonderful day!”

“Thank you Rael. I find these sessions very powerful and special. Lots of big waves of energy have been rolling through.”

“Rael has amazing Gift that is genuine and generously shared. I left her feeling uplifted, encouraged and supported. I look forward to seeing you again”

“It was so helpful to have been reminded not to worry what others think or overthink. What I love with your readings is how I’m taught to do things differently. It has made a huge difference and change in me and others often remark on how well I handle things and ask for advice on how they should too so thank you.”

“Thank you so much for your love and support today.  I can’t actually express how good it was for me to attend group today and for you and your guides (and mine) to take the opportunity to communicate with me”.

“Listening to (Patreon online exercises) segment, it is so SO good almost like a reading, am furiously writing bits to put into manifestation but enjoying the visualization more.”

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