Remote Meditations

Remote Meditations

Distance or Remote Meditations are weekly and you can do this from anywhere in the world.

Let me know to include you and simply tune in to me when you are ready.

My guides connect with yours to bring in the healing & attunements I send, filtered to you as your guides see fit: delivered only with consent.

Free online Meditations

I channel healing meditations which I post regularly on YouTube.

Please feel free to play these when you have space and time to relax. These all have attunements in them. My guides will connect with yours when you put the time aside to do these and bring in the grounding, cleansing, healing, protection or expansion in them as they agree are appropriate.

You are welcome to do these as often as you like.

Please like and subscribe for notifications to get new ones as they are uploaded.

Classes & Development Groups

I do a fortnightly meditation and development group based in Orewa, click here for group information.

Patreon MP3 Access

Many meditations and exercises recorded during live groups are also available along with my behind the scenes and touch base videos on Patreon for only $5 USD/mth if you want more of my regular paid content.

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