I am Rael.

I am a teacher, healer and clairvoyant channel for over 20 years. I offer many levels & styles of extending intuition and personal development.

These all include: attunements, healing, direct support from me & channel from your guides, self empowerment and techniques and intuition exercises to expand your gifts.

Whether you only have an hour for a healing or reading, come to regular development groups, a development day or seminar I channel your guides for direction, guidance, clarity and support. Always with the intention of connecting you back with your authentic self with access to your natural healing & intuition style: empowerment to grow into your best version in your own space and time.  

In this decade of unfolding our uniqueness, make time for this in your weekly practices of self care and grounding and finding ways to regulate your nervous system and energies.     

2024 Is a year of unfolding and listening to your inner compass to be able to follow your intuitive guidance and flow with the opportunities that are (finally) ready to go.                                   

Just Do You

This is the motto of my teaching.  You will find so many examples of this in my Just Doing You Intuitively YouTube free videos, on my workshops and within my annual online course.

Hold your own space, test everything against yourself and take responsibility for your path, integrity & happiness.

You can use my self-empowerment cards, book or work with me directly in groups or one on one or access channelled exercises and videos on Patreon. I have an online course for those who want more access, more detail or do not have any development groups near you. I highly recommend my YouTube channel for ongoing energy support and examples of just doing you.

But always this is your learning: test everything against yourself – then do it your way.

Chiral Clarity

Chiral is a word borrowed from science where things at first look like mirror images but are not – such as our hands.

People see their reflections through their own patterns and impressions.

I see people as they really are. I cherish their true selves and like to share & bring this forward for my clients.

You truly are in exactly the right place, body and situation for your journey

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