Private Group Work

Book a private day with Rael in your home or mine!

Private groups are a favourite of mine. You get to gather your own friends and family and either book a date at Chiral Clarity with me or I travel to you depending on numbers and location.

Its an amazing day as you get to share with your support people throughout the day. They can add insight, support and excitement to your story and you get to create an opportunity to spend time with people who are important to you.

Best of all you choose the date! You do not need to wait for advertised bookings you can have time to arrange this and look forward to seeing everyone.

The most requested day is a day for readings where I will do 4-6 readings in a day (ie 9.30-3pm) and these are then discounted for you all. It can easily be 10 people over 2 days too.

Always happy to include healings if there is appropriate space too, or you can put together a self care spa day with your loved ones and each person takes a turn with an hour of healing in various forms with me and the rest is spent resting and indulging with each other.

Easily able to provide a development day for up to 10 people in a home or a seminar up to 30 people on my Just Do You: Spirituality Made Easy, and including workshops in spiritual development, boundaries and accessing your whole gift set. If you want to hire a hall or for me to come to your club/private halls we can pre-plan tools and material long before the day and a portion of the proceeds are donated back to your club.

Contact me to arrange a date of your choosing for these and we can make plans around location and numbers together!

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