I am a Healer, Teacher and Clairvoyant who specialises in giving you the tools to move forward with Empowerment, Integrity and Self-Responsibility.

My teaching style is very strong and effective while still being easy, to simplify and grow your connection to your authentic self through accessing your own version of spirituality and access to your support team.

Your version is individual and exactly right for you.

Check everything against yourself.

Give time to contemplation.

Just do you. Your way.

Take time for you


Give time for Contemplation. This is where your gifts come in and your trust in yourself grows.

You can be walking, swimming, sitting under a tree, in a bath, sitting or lying quietly.

There is no wrong way to give yourself this space.

Sunglasses and earphones playing gentle music or meditations can give you privacy in shared spaces.

Grounding gives you support to release stress, bring in healing and reach for support.


I am Rael.

I am a teacher, healer and clairvoyant channel for over 20 years. I offer many levels & styles of extending intuition and personal development.

These all include: attunements, healing, direct support from me & channel from your guides, self empowerment and techniques and intuition exercises to expand your gifts.

Whether you only have an hour for a healing or reading, come to regular development groups, a development day or seminar I channel your guides for direction, guidance, clarity and support. Always with the intention of connecting you back with your authentic self with access to your natural healing & intuition style: empowerment to grow into your best version in your own space and time.  

In this decade of unfolding our uniqueness, make time for this in your weekly practices of self care and grounding and finding ways to regulate your nervous system and energies.     

2024 Is a year of unfolding and listening to your inner compass to be able to follow your intuitive guidance and flow with the opportunities that are (finally) ready to go.                                   

Just Do You

This is the motto of my teaching.  You will find so many examples of this in my Just Doing You Intuitively YouTube free videos, on my workshops and within my annual online course.

Hold your own space, test everything against yourself and take responsibility for your path, integrity & happiness.

You can use my self-empowerment cards, book or work with me directly in groups or one on one or access channelled exercises and videos on Patreon. I have an online course for those who want more access, more detail or do not have any development groups near you. I highly recommend my YouTube channel for ongoing energy support and examples of just doing you.

But always this is your learning: test everything against yourself – then do it your way.

Chiral Clarity

Chiral is a word borrowed from science where things at first look like mirror images but are not – such as our hands.

People see their reflections through their own patterns and impressions.

I see people as they really are. I cherish their true selves and like to share & bring this forward for my clients.

You truly are in exactly the right place, body and situation for your journey


Intuition Extension & Development Groups
Empowerment & Expansion Seminars
Channelled Clairvoyant Readings
Restoration & Energy Healings
Group Bookings and Private Gatherings
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Empowerment, Intuition Extension & Expansion

I offer many levels & styles of extending intuition and personal development. These all include: attunements, healing or expansion meditations, direct support from me & your guides, self empowerment techniques and intuition exercises to expand your gifts.

  •  Online Course – 6 week course with 12 months access to my extensive media libraries including Just Doing You videos, Meditation MP3s and many chat topics.
    Ideal if you can’t find a development group near you, want more practice or ongoing support in either intuitive extension, nervous system or energetic regulating, self empowerment or want to be connected to our spiritual community in the course group.
  • International & National Seminars give you the opportunity to access a day or week of finding your own truth, expanding your gifts & having channelled support over more time.
  • Spiritual Development Retreat Days are similar but smaller groups, focusing on self care as well as one on one intuition expansion. Ideal if one day works best for your schedule.
  • Evening Development Groups are best suited to people living locally. Informal, inspirational and provide ongoing support and extension.
  • Remote Meditations are weekly and you can do this from anywhere in the world. Just tune in to me when you are ready. My guides connect with yours to bring in the healing & attunements I send, filtered to you as your guides see fit: delivered only with consent.
  • YouTube for free access to many videos as mini chat topic excerpts from course and examples of Just Doing You Intuitively.

Whichever format is right for you, you will be surrounded by conversation, experiences, support & ideas from like-minded people; free to discover your own truth, version, beliefs & abilities.

Restoration Healing $150

Putting down your parental programming and coming back to your unique self! These are comprehensive and permanent healings which heal and integrate all three levels: spiritual, emotional & physical.

– Emotionally removing the imprinting of your early role model’s belief systems, leaving just you in your head.
– Physically a deep healing including DNA reinstatement.
– Spiritually increases connection, intuition and grounding.

The learning & experience you chose to come here for are still valid; the lessons are learnt but the trauma is eased or removed. It is easier to stand in your own truth & just do you; quite simply much easier.

Your Feminine Essence, Rebalance Healings $150

Rebalancing your masculine & feminine sides and adjusting your vibration to new matriarchal & future energies to clear & release you and enhancing your soul’s own self-love.

This healing creates forward movement towards your souls realisation, brings forward future gifts, opportunities & strengths with calmness and access to your ancestral support network.

Clairvoyant Readings $150

I am a clairvoyant channel and have been doing this for over 20 years. I offer readings to help you find your own truth, clarify events that are occurring and offer opportunities for growth & to strengthen your own intuition.

These are recorded for support, timeline verification and because they have layers of information for later so you can rely on your own intuition and support throughout the year.

Group Bookings and Private Gatherings

Private groups are a favourite of mine.  You get to gather your own friends and family and either book a date at Chiral Clarity with me or I travel to you depending on numbers and location.

Its an amazing day as you get to share messages and company with your support people throughout the day. They can add insight, support and excitement to your story and you get to create an opportunity to spend time with people who are important to you.

Best of all you choose the date! You do not need to wait for advertised bookings you can have time to arrange this and look forward to seeing everyone.

Jump over to my Services Tabs for more details on all of these services!

I also offer Patreon subscriptions if you ever want more content from me.

Patreon is a service where supporters pay a chosen subscription (cancellable anytime) to support creators to make more content and engage with us more.

Here you will find debriefs on my free YouTube meditations, early release of them, online access to my chats, behind the scenes, sound bites, thoughts and teaching videos and more.


Email me queries for bookings below. (directly on chiralclarity@gmail.com…my contact form appears to have failed folks!)

 can be booked to come to your Seminars, Private Workshops and Group Readings.

My own Seminars, Workshops & Development Days are primarily on Auckland’s North Shore or Orewa. I also do national and international seminars.

Healings and Readings are based in Orewa NZ and are equally effective in person, over the phone or by Zoom.

My local Development Groups are in Orewa NZ.


(+64) 21 216 9570

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