Intuition Expansion

Empowerment, Intuition Extension & Expansion

I offer many levels & styles of extending intuition and personal development. These all include: attunements, healing or expansion meditations, direct support from me & your guides, self empowerment techniques and intuition exercises to expand your gifts.

  •  International & National Seminars give you the opportunity to access a day or week of finding your own truth, expanding your gifts & having channelled support over more time.
  • Spiritual Development Retreat Days are similar but smaller groups, focusing on self care as well as one on one intuition expansion. Ideal if one day works best for your schedule.
  • Evening Development Groups are best suited to people living locally. Informal, inspirational and provide ongoing support and extension.
  • Remote Meditations are weekly and you can do this from anywhere in the world. Just tune in to me when you are ready. My guides connect with yours to bring in the healing & attunements I send, filtered to you as your guides see fit: delivered only with consent.

Whichever format is right for you, you will be surrounded by conversation, experiences, support & ideas from like-minded people; free to discover your own truth, version, beliefs & abilities.