Intuition Expansion

Empowerment, Intuition Extension & Expansion

I offer many levels & styles of extending intuition and personal development. These all include: attunements, healing or expansion meditations, direct support from me & your guides, self empowerment techniques and intuition exercises to expand your gifts.

  •  International & National Seminars give you the opportunity to access a day or week of finding your own truth, expanding your gifts & having channelled support over more time.
  • Spiritual Development Retreat Days are similar but smaller groups, focusing on self care as well as one on one intuition expansion. Ideal if one day works best for your schedule.
  • Evening Development Groups are best suited to people living locally. Informal, inspirational and provide ongoing support and extension.
  • Remote Meditations are weekly and you can do this from anywhere in the world. Just tune in to me when you are ready. My guides connect with yours to bring in the healing & attunements I send, filtered to you as your guides see fit: delivered only with consent.

Whichever format is right for you, you will be surrounded by conversation, experiences, support & ideas from like-minded people; free to discover your own truth, version, beliefs & abilities.

Online access

I also have much longer full extension course which offers several weeks of classes, supplementary lessons, energy  conversations, empowerment, healings and a library of  extension MP3’s and more.

The most common feedback is “I want more time with you”, “I wish we could have another day” (of the course),  “Have your written a book on this” and “How do I talk to my guides?“.   

What do you want to achieve for yourself in 2023? 

  • If you are wanting to discover or extend your gifts

  • Have done a course but wanted much more time & practice

  • Want to lead a life in tune with your intuition

  • Simply want a community or development group but haven’t connected locally



Our Just Do You Course is my answer.  

In response to our ever increasing vibrations on the planet and naturally expanding intuition I have been teaching, running development groups, couching and sharing time with people and their guides for years now.   

What I have created for you is the environment of a course, where you can move from lesson to lesson over several weeks, or move within the course or libraries for topics that reflect what’s going on in your daily life.   

I have intentionally included all of the sound bites and casual energy conversations & exercises my guides have channeled for me in the last couple of years too so that you can engage in both formal and informal extension & support.

There are hundreds of media items for you.  As an example there are more than enough individual guided meditations to do at least a new one each week, many hours of recorded video and supplementary audios of group extension, energy chats, examples of using these tools in daily life and more.

And you have access for a whole year so you can come and go as your levels deepen, or as life calls on you, without having to be pressured by a 6 week limit.


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