I offer a number of healings and all are adapted to each individual by their guides and depend on the situation.

All group work involves attunements – healings in the background designed to extend your gifts and empower you.

Private healings include:
Restoration Healings &
Your Feminine Essence, Rebalance Healings

Restoration Healings $150

Putting down your parental programming and coming back to your unique self! These are comprehensive and permanent healings which heal and integrate all three levels: spiritual, emotional & physical.

– Emotionally removing the imprinting of your early role model’s belief systems, leaving just you in your head.
– Physically a deep healing including DNA reinstatement.
– Spiritually increases connection, intuition and grounding.

The learning & experience you chose to come here for are still valid; the lessons are learnt but the trauma is eased or removed. It is easier to stand in your own truth & just do you; quite simply much easier.

Your Feminine Essence, Rebalance Healings $90

Rebalancing your masculine & feminine sides and adjusting your vibration to new matriarchal & future energies to clear & release you and enhancing your soul’s own self-love.

This healing creates forward movement towards your souls realisation, brings forward future gifts, opportunities & strengths with calmness and access to your ancestral support network.

Healings can be done in person or remotely (distance healing).